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Are you a memory capturer? Or are you a party-holic? For quick image capture, you need good-quality disposable cameras. It is the most suitable camera option available here to help you.

These cameras are the best for your outings and parties and are available at low prices. These are small and lightweight, which you can carry anywhere in your pocket and capture beautiful memories without any worries. Also, these are easy to use to click nostalgic vibes.

Furthermore, disposable cameras are available for amateur and professional photographers who don’t want to miss any moment to capture.

Precisely, you won’t believe it, but it’s a truth that these fantastic cameras were not so much in demand earlier. But, due to its ruggedness, cheapest costs, pocket sizes, waterproof options, etc., they have returned to markets for film photography.

Therefore, there are many options for disposable cameras available in the market. But, if you don’t know about them, then the things included in this blog will be of no use. Thus, we suggest getting more information about disposable cameras from the following and then moving to the best ones.

What is a Disposable Camera?

A disposable camera is simple, small, and reliable available in black & white and in different film options. They come with the in-built flash, but a few don’t have the focus or exposure. Also, a photographer can use it only once if he desires a single-use camera.

Disposable Camera

But, today, reusable cameras are also available at reasonable prices, which he can use many times. The pictures offer standard, high-contrast, bright, sharp, and saturated colors to impress anyone.

All the captures or shots are further sent to be processed with negative and colorful print forms. Also, they offer a battery and optical viewfinder to charge the flash.

Furthermore, simple materials like paper, metal, cardboard, and plastic are used to make these cameras. Thankfully, today, both single-use and reusable cameras are available. Aside from the looks, the history of these fantastic cameras is also exciting, which you must know.

History Of Disposable Camera

In 1888, Kodak was the best camera producer and started selling easy-to-use cameras for general individuals. Today, that camera is famous under the name disposable camera.

George Eastman, a founder of Kodak companies, made this camera and sold it for $25 only. This camera took 100 pictures because this was a box camera with roll film. During those times, people could send the camera to the Kodak companies to improve the film negatives for $10. The small sheets of paper are used to print images.

Later on, in 1949, H. M. Stiles, who created the first actual disposable camera, Photo-Pac, and eight exposures cast, was available at $1.29. But, the user had to send the camera to the company to develop the roll and get the images back.

It was helpful and easy for those who didn’t want to get their family cameras with them for outings. This was one of the best inventions, but the company faced some legal issues, and the cameras stayed in the magazines and newspapers only.

After seventeen years, a version of disposable cameras was introduced by FEX, a french company. But, soon after, Kodak and Fujifilm created the most famous disposable cameras in 1986 and 1987, and these cameras were available by 2005 everywhere.

A San Francisco company Pure Digital created a disposable digital camera introduced in the United States in 2004. These were used by Ritz Camera, CVS Pharmacy, and Disney for their theme parks. Along with that, the company also produced the Flip video camera in 2006.

Further, the digital cameras offered by CVS came with an automatic splash and 2mp resolutions. It was available at $19 for a 1.4-inch LCD screen preview version. These were returned to the camera store to process and make 4×6” printed photographs. So, whether you wanted a camera for outings or capturing memorable moments, these cameras were the best options. Therefore, let’s see how these cameras work in the following segment.

How Do They Work?

A negative roll is used in the disposable cameras to capture the pictures. When you take the photos, you have to process the film manually by reaching a cog towards height. Before you click the image, you should look into the viewfinder and judge whether you can capture a better picture or not.

The camera will open up a shutter and provide light to click the picture through its lens. But, remember, an auto-wind function is missing from most disposable cameras. You should keep your film advanced and wound before you click another picture.

Other than that, a few disposable cameras come with a flash. However, it fails to verify whether it is needed. This way, you can work on your best and.

After reading all this, don’t you think you should know about choosing the best disposable cameras for yourself? Or learn about the factors to consider while buying disposable cameras? We can help you here with the following tips while buying a disposable camera.

How To Choose The Perfect Disposable Camera?

Endless options are available to bring out the best one for you. However, all that matters in choosing the Best Disposable Camera is its features, and how to choose them according to your needs can be challenging. As a result, the following tips you can use to get your disposable cameras. 

  • Waterproof – People who want to use cameras on the beach areas or on the beach to capture beautiful moments should look for the best waterproof disposable camera. You can use these cameras during the snowy and rainy seasons also. 
  • Flash – It would be better if your disposable camera came with an in-built flash. It will help you take your cameras everywhere, including the dark places. Also, you can easily click some memories in these dark and indoor places, even on cloudy days.
  • Aperture – When your aperture is higher, it becomes easy to pass enough light through a disposable camera. Therefore, most cameras provide an aperture of f/11 or smaller.
  • Shutter Speed – These cameras come with unique settings. If you increase the setting to high, it will capture more light. Similarly, showing the shutter speed will add more light to the camera, best for dim lights.
  • Film – Last but not least! It is essential to choose a film as per your desire. Whether you decide on sepia, color, or black & white, make sure that you will get the movie according to that.

So, these are the pro tips you can use while choosing the best disposable camera for you.

What Factors Keep You In Mind For Purchasing A Disposable Camera?

This becomes challenging and confusing when you have endless options to choose from. However, it is better to consider a few things to purchase the best disposable cameras. So, we advised you to check them first and then make your decision accordingly. 

  • Budget – It is a common factor that everyone should look for. Because if your budget is higher, there is no point in buying a camera at a low price with more minor features. The disposable cameras are available for under $25. You can also find them for under $200 and above if your budget is higher.
  • Developing Cost – It matters more when you want to have clear pictures with your disposable camera. Therefore, choose a camera where you have to spend fewer amounts for the best quality pictures.
  • Popularity – It is always better to check the reviews and their popularity before buying a disposable camera for your use. With rage and reviews, you can make your decision whether you want that or not.
  • Brands – When it comes to brands and their affordable prices, you can choose from various options. Whether it’s Kodak, Fujifilm, Agfa, Lomography, or more, you can easily find the best cameras at affordable prices. The above are the most famous brands you can choose from.
  • Features – Last but not least! When you buy any particular thing, the features matter. These features provide ease while using a specific item. Similarly, the disposable cameras offer various features like easy to carry, click, develop, and whatnot.

All these factors are vital to check while purchasing a disposable camera for you. So, after that long process, your waiting time is over! We have come across a section where you can meet with the best disposable cameras.

Best 15 Disposable Cameras

We have researched and found the below 15 best disposable cameras for you. These also include the best features, pros and cons, and other essential things you should know about. So, let’s tie your seat belts and fly with us to meet them one by one.

1. Kodak Disposable FunSaver Camera

Kodak Disposable FunSaver Camera
Image Source – Amazon

Kodak is the most preferred camera brand and offers fantastic cameras for all users. Since the last century, it has been marketing cameras, and you can rely on them for the best camera and its features.

They offer a Kodak disposable camera called Kodak FunSaver! As per the name, it truly is a fun saver with its one-time use and cheaper rate features. Although it is made of plastic, the looks are fantastic and perform well for your photoshoots. Check other features below.


  • Offers a focus range of one meter to infinity
  • The camera has 27 exposures
  • The camera has the 800 ISO Kodak Max 35mm films
  • It comes with an in-built flash


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to disassemble


  • Built quality is average

If you need a color camera with a flash and many exposures, you can choose this one.

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2. Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash Camera

Fujifilm QuickSnap Flash Camera
Image Source – Amazon

If you know about the camera and its different brands, you may know that Fujifilm is one of the best brands you can use. They offer their camera an excellent look, and the small shape of this allows you to take this anywhere you want.

The weight of the camera is 160 grams only. That means it is lighter to carry anywhere, like an android phone. It allows you to capture both outdoor and indoor images, and it is among the excellent choices for vacations, weddings, and outings.


  • The camera has a 35mm color film type
  • 27 exposures available in the camera
  • Built-in flash
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor outings


  • Extremely easy to use
  • It comes with a better mid-range 400 ISO
  • The flash range is 10-foot


  • It doesn’t have any major cons

If you want to have a disposable camera for your indoor and outdoor images, you can opt for this Fujifilm disposable camera.

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3. Walgreens Disposable Camera

Walgreens Disposable Camera
Image Source – eBay

Walgreens is a Chicago-based company, and you can quickly go to their online website to buy this 35mm disposable camera. The camera is better for taking good quality images and is easy to use.

Other than that, the size is not so big, which you cannot carry everywhere. It is available on many e-commerce websites at an affordable price, including Walgreens.


  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Easy to use
  • You can use it for indoor and outdoor purposes


  • Offers 27 exposures
  • Speed is 400
  • In-built-flash is available
  • Professional-quality color print of images


  • No significant cons are found in it.

If you want a camera with a professional-quality color print of images, you can use this Walgreens disposable camera.

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4. Fujifilm Disposable QuickSnap Waterproof Camera

Fujifilm Disposable QuickSnap Waterproof Camera
Image Source – Fujifilm

If you are looking for a camera for underwater picture shoots, without any doubt, you should go for this Fujifilm disposable quick-snap waterproof camera. The camera captures better pictures in daylight, even if you click underwater.

When you hold this camera, you see your subject and click pictures easily, making it more simple to use and user-friendly.


  • It comes with a 1/125 exposure
  • The Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 800 35mm film is available
  • You can click pictures of good quality
  • It’s a kid-friendly


  • The camera is waterproof up to 5 meters or 17 feet only
  • Easy to use
  • It can capture good-quality images


  • It does not have a built-in flash
  • It is not better for lower-light areas or conditions

If you want a kids-friendly waterproof camera, you should choose this one.

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5. Ilford Sprite 35-II Camera Black & Silver

Ilford Sprite 35-II Camera Black & Silver
Image Source – Amazon

Ilford is mainly famous for the black and white film. It is a perfect choice to capture the best quality images, especially on sunny days. You can take the feel of the 1960s with the pictures captured by this one.

You will get the fixed-focus lens and shutter speed facility with this camera. Therefore, you have to point to a subject and click your memory quickly. On top of that, it is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Comes in a black & white film
  • Available in six different color options
  • The Instant film format is used in it


  • 35mm black & white film is available with this camera
  • Image colors are vibrant and gorgeous
  • Splash is available
  • Available in a reasonable price range


  • You will get the faster films with this one

So, if you are interested in taking the black & white camera to relive an old era, this might be the best choice.

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6. Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera

Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera
Image Source – Amazon

Do you know the above camera is not technically a disposable camera? Are you surprised? These cameras are easy to use as disposable cameras, including a flashlight and a shutter button. They look brilliant in your hands and are available in a few color options to choose from.


  • 35mm color film type is used
  • Offers black & white versions
  • Available with reloadable design and flash gels


  • Easy to operate
  • It is reloadable
  • The can color-tinged


  • A bit more expensive than others

However, you can buy this camera for its exciting features and build quality.

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7. Ilford B&W HP5 Camera

Ilford B&W HP5 Camera
Image Source – Amazon

This one is an excellent choice for casual shooting. It is all-rounder, sharp, and better for many lighting conditions. Along with that, it is available at low prices, and you can buy it online.

Further, it produces better-quality images with a lot of detail. It makes it easier to capture beautiful shots during your occasions, outings, and festivals.


  • An all-rounder camera
  • Sharp images with a lot of detail
  • Better pictures in lighting mode
  • Cheap disposable cameras


  • Flash ranges up to 3 meters (10 feet)
  • Sharp images from one meter to infinity
  • Excellent quality of black & white photos
  • Perfect choice for lighting situations


  • Shaky plastic case

If you want to capture the artsy black and white images, you should not miss this camera with flash.

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8. Lomography Simple Use Reloadable – LomoChrome Purple

Lomography Simple Use Reloadable - LomoChrome Purple
Image source – Amazon

This might be the best choice if you need a reusable disposable camera. With this LomoChrome, you can get a flaming film type that can give you fantastic unique colors. Therefore, you can choose this one for the landscape position.

The other reason to buy this purple beauty is that it comes with flash and gel filters, and this can make your pictures more exciting to see.


  • A reusable camera
  • Produce some excellent colored images
  • A purple ISO 400 film type
  • Color gel filters are available
  • It works great for the landscape areas
  • Best for street-side photographs and cityscapes too


  • Preloaded LomoChrome purple 400 films
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in flash


  • It does not suit everyone

It’s an excellent choice for those who want to create an analog film

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9. Kodak 35mm Single Use Camera W/ Flash

Kodak 35mm Single Use Camera W Flash
Image source – Amazon

We all know Kodak is an excellent brand for cameras, and their disposable cameras are also fantastic and provide better quality images. Out of them, the above Kodak 35mm single-use camera is also great for capturing your moment.

It comes with a one-touch flash range up to 14.5 feet with automatic recharge. It is also used to take better pictures from long distances and pictures produced in bright colors.


  • ISO 400 film is used in it
  • Available at an affordable price range
  • 27 exposures available
  • Provides built-in flash


  • Creates pictures with bright colors
  • Comes with the Kodak-Max 800 film
  • Sleek and contemporary design
  • The grip is not slippery
  • Easy to use


  • No significant cons are found

If you are looking for the Kodak Max 800 film type and better quality picture camera, this is what you need.

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10. Kodak SUC Daylight 39

Kodak SUC Daylight 39
Image Source – Amazon

Kodak SUC daylight 39 is another best option to shoot in outdoor locations, and you can get the best quality images. It is available in stunning yellow, blue, and black color combinations, making it more stylish to carry.

You can take this one easily anywhere because this is a lightweight camera with 39 exposures.


  • Available with an ISO 800 color film type
  • Offers 389 exposures
  • 1m to infinity range


  • The best option for outdoor shoots
  • Brilliant quality for colors
  • It’s a daylight camera


  • It does not have a flash

If you are looking for a lightweight camera with more than 27 exposures, you can go with this.

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11. Agfa Photo LeBox Disposable Camera

Agfa Photo LeBox Disposable Camera
Image Source – Amazon

Agfa, a camera brand, does not lack behind in the case of single-use disposable cameras. It has created a compact design single-use camera for all, and you will get the compact design incorporating an auto-recharging flash.

The flash further helps the dark areas get the best quality pictures. It might be the best choice for you to use it for daily conditions in outdoor and indoor locations.


  • Capture 27 exposures
  • Comes with an ISO 400 film type
  • 13.1’/ 4m Range
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor locations


  • An automatic flash recharge
  • Fixed focus lens
  • Available at an affordable price


  • No major cons are found in it

If Agfa is your favorite camera brand, this is the best disposable camera you can opt for.

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12. Agfa Photo LeBox Ocean 400 Waterproof Camera

Agfa Photo LeBox Ocean 400 Waterproof Camera
Image Source – Amazon

Here comes another option in the Agfa brand for you. Agfa photo LeBox ocean 400 waterproof camera can help you click pictures on the water areas. You can have fun on the beaches, nearby lakes, rivers, etc., and capture your favorite memories underwater.

Another advantage of this camera is getting clear pictures in the clear waters. And the price is also not high. Therefore, it can be better for your water destinations to capture your memories.


  • Best for water destinations
  • It’s a lightweight camera
  • Available at reasonable rates


  • An ISO 400 color film
  • Available with 27 exposures


  • The flash is not available

If you need a waterproof camera from the brand Agfa, you can think about it.

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13. New Kodak Weekend Underwater Disposable Camera

New Kodak Weekend Underwater Disposable Camera
Image Source – Amazon

Kodak can be an excellent choice for cameras if you want a fantastic disposable camera. Thus, from various cameras, the kodak waterproof water and sports camera can be your choice for the water destinations. This camera allows you to shoot underwater up to 50 feet with no issues.


  • Available with an ISO 400 film type
  • Affordable price range
  • Offers 27 exposures for your comfort


  • High-quality pictures
  • Works great for water destinations
  • May work as a regular camera


  • No in-built flash

It is the best waterproof disposable camera available from the Kodak brand.

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14. Kodak M35 35MM Film Camera

Kodak M35 35MM Film Camera
Image Source – Kodak

Kodak is now improving the quality and making their cameras most stylish and remarkable. Therefore, we have also included the above Kodak M35 35 mm film camera. It produces stunning black and white pictures with an optical viewfinder with manual exposures. Also, it comes with a max shutter speed of 1/20 seconds.


  • Available in eight different color
  • Captures better quality images
  • 35mm film format type
  • Lightweight camera


  • Reusable camera
  • Fixed-focus lens
  • Offers a wide-angle lens
  • It has an in-built flash
  • Available with an optical viewfinder


  • Does not offer preloaded films

If you want to ignore the old-style disposable camera, you should go with this modern, sleek design, including flash.

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15. Ilford Single Use Camera XP2

Ilford Single Use Camera XP2
Image Source – CB Creative Bloq

On our list, this one is last but not least! It comes with a black and white film type. Usually, if you want to convert your pictures into color, the labs can charge you extra. However, this camera has a C41 process to reserve your photos for color film.

Apart from that, it looks stylish and comes with a high-contrast black and white film type. It may be the better choice to get clicks with a bit of drama and flair.


  • Available with the 35mm film type
  • A film can be C41 processed
  • ISO 400 speed
  • Comes with 27 exposures


  • The camera comes with a stylish look
  • A contrast-y film
  • Flexible processing options
  • Offers an in-built flash


  • Available in monochrome only

If you want a stylish camera with more flexibility and exciting features, you can choose this.

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That’s it! My journey ends here!

Exploring things and capturing their beauty with your photography skills are fantastic tasks to do. We know it is tough to explore because the tight budget and even the excellent camera price range can hit your pocket hard.

Still, if you want to take that photography seriously and taste the old analog photography, which has become blurred now, disposable cameras can help you there. These are the best options and are readily available at an affordable price range.

To help you more, we have a few fantastic disposable cameras in our blog to look at and choose the best one as per the budget and style. If you need complete buying tips, you can refer to this article and clarify your choice. We also have explained a few important things you should know before buying.

If you are still not comfortable, you can take on the following best picks. These are the best choice from our side with the best features, looks, prices, and exposures.

  • Kodak disposable FunSaver camera
  • Fujifilm disposable flash camera
  • Lomography simple-use LomoChrome purple
  • Kodak M35 35mm film camera

We hope you will like this blog and our suggestions. Please drop a comment if you need any further help or tips without hesitation. Our dedicated team is waiting to help you as soon as possible.


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