How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear: Follow These 5 Easy Tricks

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear: 5 Proven Solution

How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear
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We’ve gathered 5 otolaryngologist-backed ways through which you can remove water from your ears. These include:

1. Evaporate Water Using A Blow Dryer

Did you go swimming and water got stuck in your ears? Rest easy, as you can vaporize the water from your ear(s). You’ll need to hold the hairdryer closer to the affected ear then turn it on. Kindly ensure that you set the blow dryer to the most suitable setting.

2. Utilise Approved Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions

In some cases, thick earwax may trap water in your ear, thus causing discomfort. You can use an approved eardrop to unblock the affected ear. Surprisingly, ear drops won’t just unclog the ear but equally, treat any existing infection in it.

3. Use Olive Oil To Unclog Your Ear

One should use a dropper to pour a few drops of olive oil into the clogged ear. We encourage you to warm the oil first a little to make it easier to unblock the ear. Experts have repeatedly proven that olive oil can repel all the water in your ear(s).

4. Add More Water To The Affected Ear

As nonsensical as it sounds, it works out best in some cases. You should add more water to the affected ear using a spotless dropper. Hold on for 5-8 seconds, then turn over, such that the affected ear faces downwards.

5. Use Warm Steam

Please warm some water and pour it in a basin and cover your head in it, for a while. Inhale the steam for 10-15 minutes and keep the steam in for some time. After that, you should tilt the head accordingly to drain the stuck water.

You’ll be relieved as all the water will drain out; hence ending your discomfort. Kindly ensure you only add clean water to the ear to avoid infecting the ear.

What Not To Do To Remove Water From Ears?

We cannot end this blog without listing the common mistakes people make when removing water from their ears. They include:

A. Sticking Cotton Buds in The Ears

Sticking Cotton Buds in The Ears
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The danger of using cotton swabs is that you might deposit the earwax into the deeper ear parts. In worst cases, you may introduce harmful bacteria in your ear using this ear cleaner hence triggering an ear infection.

B. Sticking Your Fingers in The Affected Ear

Sticking Your Fingers in The Affected Ear
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Some people erroneously think they can get rid of water from their ears by sticking their fingers. Unfortunately, your fingers might damage your eardrum or scratch the walls of your ear canal.

C. Inserting Sharp Objects in The Ears

Inserting Sharp Objects in The Ears
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Some people may stick sharp objects such as pen tops into their ears to remove the ear wax. The truth is that some people understand that earwax is the leading cause of this ear problem. It’s highly risky to use sharp objects as you’re bound to damage your eardrum.

Please note that you may lose your sense of hearing if you rupture your eardrum.

D. Ear Candling

Ear Candling
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Unfortunately, some people insert a tube in their ears to remove ear wax and hence drain out water. The sad reality is that this tube may rupture the eardrum especially if you apply too much pressure.

Causes of Water in Ear Problem

You might be wondering how water gets trapped in the ears. Well, breathe easy, we’ll discuss these ways in detail. However, the aim isn’t to scare you from participating in the activities.

A. Swimming

Any ardent swimmer can confess about their harrowing experience, of getting rid of water trapped in their ears. During swimming, you dip your head in the water once in a while to relax.

B. Deep Diving

Professional deep divers contend with this perennial challenge of water getting stuck in their ears. The exhilarating news though is that earplugs and masks can help you avoid this.

C. Showering

Sometimes water may get trapped as you take a shower. Again, and again water gets trapped in the years especially if you have ear wax. In some cases, it can equally happen if you have thin ear canals.

D. Surfing

Surfers are more prone to this ear problem, especially when the sea or ocean is rough. In most cases, water gets stuck in surfers’ ears when they ride against the ocean waves. Therefore, it is sensible to put on high-quality earplugs before you go surfing.

4 Ear Problems That Caused by Water Trapped in Your Ears

1. Ear Infection

Water stuck in your ears may trigger an infection of your middle ear. In some rare cases, this infection may heal on its own. However, it’s good to visit an ear expert for medication. Antibiotics will help to alleviate your pain; as well as clear up the infection.

2. Ear Pain

Sharp ear pain may result from blocked tubes and or water in your ear(s). Ordinarily, an ear infection triggered by bacteria causes pain. A qualified doctor will prescribe a suitable antibiotic such as Augmentin or Amoxil.

3. Hearing Loss

Some patients may experience hearing loss, especially if they keep inserting sharp objects into the ear. Such an object may eventually damage the inner ear. Currently, one may suffer from any of the 3 types of hearing loss; conductive, mixed hearing, or sensorineural hearing loss.

Kindly clean your ear regularly to remove all the unbridled ear wax trapped in your ears. Hearing specialists opine that age and extreme noises can equally trigger hearing loss.

4. Ear Ringing

Failure to drain trapped water from your ears can trigger an ear ringing problem. It gets worse if you fail to drain the water for a while leading to an infection. Tinnitus may lead to other ear noises like hissing and roaring noises.

How To Prevent Water From Getting Trapped in Your Ears?

At this juncture, you know some of the ways through which water may get stuck in your ears. Let’s then discuss the smartest ways to prevent this harrowing experience at all costs.

A. Use High Quality Swim Cap

Are you going swimming? We urge you to invest in high-quality earplugs. A swim cap is usually waterproof hence keeping your ears dry. You’ll be relieved to learn that this gear costs as low as $10.

B. Dry Your Ears

Always dry your ears properly after bathing or swimming. Please make use of a clean and sun-baked towel to dry your ears. I can rightly guess that you’re familiar with the health risks of having water stuck in your for too long.

C. Wear Bathing Earplugs

As we discussed earlier, sometimes water gets into the ear as you bathe. For this reason, we highly recommend you use an approved earplug when taking a shower.

D. Maintain Good Ear Hygiene

We all know that ear wax plays a crucial role in causing water to get trapped in the ears. For this reason, it’s always beneficial to maintain the best ear hygiene. Apart from that, cleaning the ears often removes any dirt and microorganisms from the ear.

Consequently, it diminishes the risk of suffering from an ear infection. Kindly use a clean damp piece of cloth to clean the ears.

E. Wear A Water Sports Ear Band

Are you a water sports athlete? It’s about time you bought enough water sports ear bands. The beauty of these products is that they’re multipurpose. Thus, you can reliably use them for surfing, swimming, or bathing.

Usually, manufacturers make ear bands for durable raw materials such as neoprene. Therefore, the last thing customers need to worry about is quality.

F. Dry Your Ears Using A Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide solutions come in handy in drying up the ear properly. As though that isn’t enough, these ear drops can equally disinfect the affected ear(s). Once you place a few drops, hold on for 15 seconds before tilting your head to drain the water.


1. Can Over-The-Counter Ear Drops Aid To Remove Water From The Ear?

Yes, it can! OTCs come in handy in decreasing the amount of moisture in the affected ear. Apart from that, ear drops disinfect the ear, especially those that are alcohol-based.

2. Is There Any Danger Of Not Removing Water Stuck In Your Ears?

Yes, there is! If you fail to drain out this water, you may slowly develop hearing problems such as tinnitus. In extreme cases, one may lose their sense of hearing altogether. If the water was contaminated, you’re bound to develop an ear infection.

3. Can Ear Massage Help In The Removal Of Trapped Water From The Ears?

Yes, it can! Gentle massage can go a long way in relieving the tension in your Eustachian tubes. Once the tension is over, you’ll only need to tilt your head a bit to drain out all the water.

4. I Have Some Water Trapped In My Right Ear. Will The Valsalva Maneuver Help Me Get Rid Of It?

Yes, it will! It involves grasping the noise rigorously for 2-4 minutes to close it and breathing out via your mouth. Repeat this breathing exercise multiple times until your eustachian tubes open up fully.

Kindly do it gently lest you rupture your eardrum for good. It won’t hurt to watch one video on YouTube, to guide through it.

5. Am Experiencing Excruciating Ear Pain. Can I Be A Sign Of An Ear Infection?

Yes, it can! Failure to remove water from your ears can result in an ear infection. It’s even worse if the trapped water was contaminated. That explains why you may be experiencing sharp ear pain.

6. Dry Your Ears Using Hydrogen Peroxide Is Safe?

Hydrogen peroxide solutions come in handy in drying up the ear properly. As though that isn’t enough these ear drops equally aid to disinfect the ears. Once you place a few drops, hold on for 15 seconds before you tilt your head to drain the water.

7. What Are Some Of The Signs Of An Ear Infection?

You have a duty to always lookout for any signs that can suggest that you have an ear problem. The following are the surest signs and symptoms of an ear infection.

  1. Ear Canal Itchiness: if you keep feeling itchy in your ear canal, it’s best you seek medical attention. Ordinarily, this itchiness stems from an infection.
  2. Reddening Of The Rar: in most cases, the ear begins to redden if you have an ear infection.
  3. Sharp Ear Pain: if you feel consistent pain in your ears, it could be due to an ear infection. More often than not, you’ll feel the pain when you rub the affected ear.
  4. Ear Fluid: if you notice a transparent and fragrance-free fluid from your ear, it implies that you have a severe ear infection. Therefore, you have no choice but to seek ear treatment services.

8. Can Water Stuck in The Ears Make Your Earwax Smelly?

Yes, it can! Water keeps your ear moist hence making unremoved earwax moist as well. As a consequence, it exposes you to the risk of a severe ear infection. Therefore, it’s well-advised you get rid of trapped water as quickly as possible.

The Bottomline

Funny enough, in some cases, the water stuck in your ear canal can dry on its own. However, it’s crucial to fast-track this process through any of the discussed solutions. Kindly note that failure to get rid of it may cause problems such as hearing loss or excruciating ear pain.


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