Best 20 Roblox Character Ideas In 2022 [For Boys & Girls]

Best 20 Roblox Character Ideas In 2022 [For Boys & Girls]

What is Roblox?

What is Roblox
Image Credit-Hapa Kenya

Roblox is a popular online gaming program that permits gamers to play games designed by other users. Roblox corporation designed this gaming platform using the Lua programming language. The company first released this platform for Windows in 2006.

Later, ROBLOX corporation released the Android version of the same in 2012. Currently, this platform exists in 2 specific modes namely:

  1. Multi-player
  2. Single-player

What Are Roblox Avatars?

Roblox avatars refer to human-like gaming characters that Roblox provides to its users. A gamer has the liberty to customize his Cool Roblox Avatars as he pleases when playing. For instance, you can change clothing, animations, or race.

You’ll get the Best Roblox Characters and hence have the best online gaming experience.

Cool Roblox Avatars Types That You Need to Know

Today, we have 2 types of Roblox avatars namely:

A. Roblox Avatar R6

This Avatar type has a slightly different construction from the R15. Technically, the Roblox R6 has six specific parts. These include:

  1. Left leg
  2. Left-arm
  3. Head
  4. Right leg
  5. Torso
  6. Right arm

B. Roblox Avatar R15

Unlike the R6, the Avatar R15 has 6 sections with some sub-sections. In total, this avatar type has 15 parts. These include:

  1. Right foot
  2. Head
  3. Upper Torso
  4. Left Foot
  5. Left Upper arm
  6. Lower Torso
  7. Right lower leg
  8. Left lower arm

Top 20 Roblox Character Ideas For Boys & Girls

1. John Doe

John Doe
Image Credit-Roblox Wiki

John Doe is a Roblox character that comprises a human-like head with a black cap. The black cap has an imprint that reads ‘ROBLOX’. ROBLOX created this platform to serve as a testing program.

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2. Overseer


Roblox Overseer is a unique character in Medieval Warfare with weird-looking green eyeballs. At the moment, the Overseer exists in various packages such as:

  • Cloak
  • Chosen
  • Major
  • Helm
  • Major General
  • Dominus

These Medieval Warfare factions survive by feeding on dead peoples’ souls. 

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3. Red Guard

Red Guard
Image Credit-The Dad

I can bet you enjoyed watching the famous Squid Game movie on Netflix. Guards have a responsibility to ensure that all contestants abide by the rules to the latter. Squid Games guards have outlandish dark facemasks as well as a red jumpsuit.

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4. Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia Kuchiki
Image Credit-PNGitem

Would you like to get to the freaky spiritual world? Choose your character as the Rukia Kuchiki. This is in both Manga and Bleach anime slays Hollows (evil spirits). Rukia has multiple strange powers that make her invincible.

She has unique features like.

  1. Rukia Kuchiki shirt
  2. Black anime short hair bob

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5. Goku of The Dragonball Series

Goku of The Dragonball Series
Image Credit-CBR

If you watched the famous Toonami movie, I can guarantee that you fell in love with Goku. Since Goku are the last survivor, they fight tooth and nail to safeguard Earth. That’s not all, the survivors of the Saiyans train endlessly.

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6. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Image Credit-DC Database

Wonder Woman is a highly popular princess of the Amazon. The princess has unlimited power and empathy: thus making her a Cute Roblox Character. Nothing will blow your mind more than her supersonic speed and strapping power.

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7. Superman

Image Credit-YouTube

Superman is unquestioningly one of the Best Roblox Avatars you’ll ever get on ROBLOX. If you’ve ever watched any Superman-animated movie, you can agree that this character is not only swift but incredibly powerful. You’ll have endless fun playing using this character.

Please ensure you buy the outfits below.

  1. Muscle pants
  2. Superman shirt
  3. Sigmund face

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8. Nezuko Kamado from The Demon Slayer

Nezuko Kamado from The Demon Slayer
Image Credit-Wikipedia

Nezuko Kamado is among the few top female Roblox avatars on Roblox. Nezuko in the Demon Slayer becomes possessed by a powerful demon. Tanjiro Kamada, Nezuko’s brother, goes to free her from this evil demon.

Later, Nezuko utilizes her demonic power to subdue all her adversaries. This female character has unique features such as:

  • Top
  • Happy expressive mask
  • Bamboo snack
  • Black hair

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9. Santa Claus

Santa Claus
Image Credit-YouTube

You can’t afford to bring that Christmas vibe on your Roblox account by playing Santa Claus. You can enjoy the kids singing as well as the bell ringing. Please ensure you have 122 Robux to purchase the below features:

  1. Hat
  2. Trousers
  3. Head

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10. Hulk (Marvel Superhero)

Hulk (Marvel Superhero)
Image Credit-DesertCart

Hulk brings the impression of an invincible character that destroys his adversaries without any struggle. This avatar will give you enormous and enviable strength and self-defense techniques.

You must ensure you have at least 150 Robux to get features like:

  1. Hulk muscle pants
  2. Roblohunk hair
  3. Muscle trousers

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11. Stan Marsh From South Park

Stan Marsh From South Park
Image Credit-Wikipedia

South Park is a well-known animated TV series intended for mature audiences. Stan Marsh is an outstanding South Park character that exudes bravery and logic. Interestingly, Stan Marsh is the smartest of the four characters.

You’ll have to purchase the below properties:

  1. Stan Marsh shirt
  2. Hair
  3. Impressive face
  4. Stan Marsh trousers

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12. Shota Aizawa in My Hero Academia

Shota Aizawa in My Hero Academia
Image Credit-My Hero Academia

Shota Aizawa has special abilities such as intelligence, unpredictability, and being physically strong. You’ll need at least 500 Robux to purchase features like;

  1. Medical bandage
  2. Shota Aizawa shirt
  3. Black anime hair
  4. Shota Aizawa trousers

13. Geegee92

Image Credit-Robox Wiki

A Roblox character that can play multiple game genres on the Roblox platform. The character assumes a robot-like appearance with a black jacket and gray female pants.Geegee92’s best games are Deathrun and MeepCity.

14. Treeland Cool Roblox Avatars

Treeland Cool Roblox Avatars
Image Credit-Roblox Wiki

Treelands is a character that allows an online player to create an attractive treehouse. You start by vending fruits to earn enough currency to construct a decent treehouse. More often than not, the gamers either earn gold or silver currency.

You can equally use this currency to purchase vehicles or a walkway. The more the currency, the more the possessions you’ll have as a gamer on Roblox.

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15. Mr. Robot – A Roblox Character

Mr. Robot - A Roblox Character
Image Credit-Pinterest

Mr. Robot is an updated Roblox package that constitutes a toy in a box. You’ll have to get crucial parts for instance:

  1. Mr. Robot left leg
  2. Mr. Robot right leg
  3. Mr. Robot Torso
  4. Golden Mr. Robot left arm
  5. Mr. Robot left arm
  6. Golden Mr. Robot right arm

Unfortunately, the Golden Mr. Robot character doesn’t support Roblox Avatar R16.

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16. Office Zombie

Office Zombie
Image Credit-Walmart

Office Zombie is a special Roblox character that features an officer that enforces law and order. The officer spares some time to enjoy eating snacks with the local people. The officer has a green face, a blue cap, and a blue shirt.

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17. Draco

Image Credit-Roblox Fandom

Builderman is a character with a yellow helmet and a gray hoodie that takes stock of all the admins. Once you sign up, he will welcome you. Apart from that, David, the Roblox creator becomes your friend instantaneously. You get access to multiple accessories with which you can customize your Roblox avatar.

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18. The Monkey

The Monkey
Image Credit-Reddit

Monkey avatar is a relatively new Roblox character that was last updated in 2020. You assume the role of keeping guard against any monster that escapes the monkey holding a banana. The role of the brown monkey is to raise an alarm if a zombie moves past it to gain access.

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19. Danny Vasquez

Danny Vasquez
Image Credit-Roblox Family

Danny Vasquez is a Mexican brown-haired Roblox avatar with a light-brown skin tone. Apart from that, the character features a red jacket and gray pants. This character is deemed the bravest warrior with an estimated height of 5 feet.

20. Ezebel (The Pirate Queen)

Ezebel (The Pirate Queen)
Image Credit-Roblox

If you’re easily fascinated by the ocean and its mysterious nature, Ezebel’s character suits you perfectly. Soon after completing her studies and emerging the best, Ezebel decided to become a pirate. The beauty of being a pirate is that you can control the ocean as you please.

For that reason, you must seek Ezebel’s permission to do anything in the ocean.

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Customizing Your Roblox Character

Players will need to rely on an updated Roblox character editor to customize and create the cool Roblox avatars. However, to do so ensure that you have enough Robux balance. A Robux is a form of currency Roblox players use to buy accessories on this gaming platform.


1. What’s The Height And Width Of R15 Avatars?

Avatars R15 have a fixed height that ranges between 90 to 105 percent. On the other hand, the width of this avatar type is between 70 to 100 percent. Therefore, you can set these options as you like.

2. As A Game Administrator, Can I Alter The Avatar Properties?

Yes, you can! Any admin can change these properties by utilizing the HumanoidDescription instance.

3. Is It Possible To Customize My Avatars When Gaming?

Yes, it is! A gamer is free to customize the avatars to their liking. Whether it’s the skin color, accessories, or body parts, it’s possible to customize all these properties.


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